Project Description

【Protect Apple Pencil】Only fit Apple Pencil 1st Generation. Apple pencil case 1st gen works perfect to secure your Apple Pen. Apple pen case 1st generation keeps your Apple Pencil from slipping out of your hand. Apple pencil sleeve protects Apple Pencil from damage and scratches. Apple pencil grip case prevent pencil from rolling around.

【Good Grip for Drawing】1st generation Apple pencil case cute makes the smooth Apple Pencil more comfortable with your fingers. Apple pen cover 1st generation fits perfect and creates a nice grip to Apple Pencil. Soft silicone sleeve for apple pencil cover 1st generation makes you feel like a real pen while using it for your work

【Easy to Install & Remove for Charging】Apple Pencil 1st was surprisingly easy to slide into the Apple pencil holder case, then you are ready to drawing and writing. Apple pen grip 1st generation can be peeled aside easily, more convenient to charge. Flexible silicone keep the Apple Pencil cap holder in the Apple pencil sleeve 1st gen while charging

【Beautiful Design & Comfortable】Apple pen 1st generation case has super cute design and pretty colors. Apple pencil sleeve 1st generation is convenient to use. The premium silicone material for Apple pen grip gen 1 is very soft, super comfy to hold. ipencil 1st generation case fits perfectly into the iPad pencil holder for you to carry around

【TICARVE Service】We are confident in the quality of our Apple pencil first generation case and sure you will love our apple pen holder. If you do not like our apple pencil 1 grip. You can get a new ipad pen case apple pen sleeve and a nice reply about apple pencil silicone sleeve



Product Description

Ticarve apple pencil case holder is great accessory for Apple Pencil 1st Generation

Apple pen 1 cover is truly a must-have my sisters had recommend to her friends

Apple pencil sleeve is high-quality, nice-looking, easy to put on, comfortable to hold, convenient to use

Take iPad pencil cover with you, you will not be disappointed and your hand and pen will thank you!


Case for apple pencil 1st generation accessories specially designed only for Apple Pencil 1st Generation


Apple pencil case with smooth skin touch surface, prevent Apple Pencil 1 from rolling around while provide a more comfortable hand grip


Just put the Apple Pencil in through the open end of the apple pencil silicone case

Apple pencil case can be peeled aside easily, flexible silicone keep the Apple Pencil cap in the Apple pencil sleeve while charging


Case for iPad pencil case protects your Apple Pencil 1 from accidental shocks and scratches

Apple pencil 1 sleeve has modern industrial craft, precisely cut into details to fit Apple Pencil 1st generation

Help you enjoy studying, business noting, drawing and entertaining


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  • Pink
  • Black
  • Green
  • Sky Blue
  • Dark Blue
  • Translucent