TICARVE Cleaning Gel for Car Detail Putty Car Vent Cleaner

  • 🚕【Perfect Car Clean Putty】Newly upgraded unique cherry blossom aroma formula cleaning gel is perfect for cleaning the nooks and crannies in your auto. Car putty is super great to get into the gaps and little crevices on the car to pick up the dust, debris, crumbs and pet hair
  • 🚗【Easy to Use】Detail slime is ideal for clean gaps and cavities. Push putty detail into any little cracks and the crud sticks and pulls back out! You can also press the detail putty on the keyboard surface and then pull out slowly, the dust would be carried away. Car goop is suitable for all devices and surfaces (except carpets)
  • 🚙【Reusable】Gel for clean could be used for several times till the color turn to dark and dirty. After use, just put the keyboard cleaner back in jar and keep in a cool place
  • 🌸【High-tech Cleaning Material】Detail clean putty is made of high-tech material, smells with Cherry Blossom scent. Car cleaning goop is sticky dust but not sticky to hands. Auto cleaner pick up all dust and debris and leaves no residue
  • 🌿【Multiple Uses】Auto detail gel is also useful for home and office, PC keyboard clean and other rugged surface such as printer, cell phone, calculator, TV remote, computer and furniture. The suitable surface must be no water and the magic cleaning mud would stick to it

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New Version TICARVE Car cleaning gel is a perfect car cleaning stuff for your car details. Detail tools for car slime cleaner is easy to use and reusable

Car gel cleaner is super great to get into the nooks and little crevices on the car interior to pick up the dust, debris, hair, crumbs and so on

Car cleaning putty is also helpful to clean office and household, absorbs dust and dirt from nooks and crannies where conventional cleaners reach physical limits

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When the car puddy cleaner colour darker and dirty, replace it with a new one

  • It is normal for the car putty cleaner to be a little wet
  • A little bit of sticky is needed to pick up the dust from the dirt surface areas
  • Car cleaning slime for vehicle is sticky dust but not sticky to hands and auto


Easy to Use

Step 1–Taking out the dust cleaning gel for car with hands, knead a few times

Step 2–Press the car detailing putty slightly onto the surface you need and then pull it up slowly, the dust would be carried away

Step 3–After use, put car goo back in jar and sealed storage in cool place(below 104°F), reuse it till the colour becomes darker and dirty

  • Auto interior cleaner is made of high-tech cleaning material
  • Special designed for pick up dust, hair, crumbs and cleaning corners
  • Car detailing tools is reusable and multifunctional


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Car Interior Cleaning

Office Cleaning

Household Cleaning

dust cleaning gel for car car detail putty


✔Do not wash cleaning goo with water. It’s a no-clean product that can be reused multiple times

✔Inedible keyboard cleaner putty, keep the slime cleaner away from children

✔Keep the car gummy cleaner away from high temperature

✔Car dust cleaner gel is suitable for all devices and surfaces (except carpets)


Package: 1 jar cleaning gel for car

Size : 2.75 x 2.75 x 2.5 inches

NT WT: 5.6 oz (160g)


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